Designed in Waikato, New Zealand. The SL3 promises an exciting new era in water sports.

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Hydrofoiler SL3 features

game changing ease of use

Become a confident rider in minutes

We’ve built in a range of newly patented easy launch tech that means new riders can now become confident riders in a matter of minutes, not hours.

40 minutes – The average learning curve from a self selected group of 35 first time test riders.

Average Launch learning time

Patented easy launch technology

If you can ride a bike and swim, you can ride a Hydrofoiler


Easy Mount Chassis

Composite monocoque chassis with improved floatation and mounting ergonomics, combined with the Fixed Chord (FC2) foil keeps the bike floating upright when stationary.

Throttle Only Launch

Male performing a deep water start on a black Hydrofoiler SL3 water-bike on the ocean with a beach on the background

Launch and coast without the need to pedal. With a single finger on the throttle, you’re in the water and good to go.

Pitch perfect tiller

Drastically reduces the chance of stalling mid launch. The tiller automatically locks at the perfect angle for take off, and automatically releases once up and foiling.

A throttle that thrills

Introducing the Display/Throttle Unit

A finger on the trigger is all it takes to launch, accelerate and maintain flight at top speeds. A thrilling way to experience foil biking.

Clearcut 3d render close-up on the Hydrofoiler SL3’s Bluetooth remote controller with callouts explaining its functions

a whole new level of confidence

Industry leading safety features

The SL3 is tougher and more reliable in the hardest of marine environments.


Clearcut 3d render exploded view of a Hydrofoiler SL3’s Hydropack battery

Hydropack batteries

Dual waterproof layers of protection with a transparent outer housing (pictured).
Smart electrical protection for peace of mind while riding and charging

Ride display

Track vital ride metrics like battery life.

Propeller shroud

An added layer of protection around the propeller.

Tilt Sensors

Instantly cuts power to the propeller as soon as a fall is detected.

Easy Launch Technology

Easy to mount and incredibly stable once up and foiling.

Clearcut 3d render exploded view of a Hydrofoiler SL3’s Hydropack battery
Clearcut 3d render of a exploded assembly of a black Hydrofoiler SL3 Pro water-bike

Easy transport

Modular design

Toolless quick connection points for easy assembly. Modular design for compact transport and handling.


Breaking down into five smaller assemblies the accessibility to standard freight carriers is now possible, increasing the options for speedy delivery.



Fits in any vehicle with the seats down or in the boot space of larger SUV vehicles.


To the water

Carry the modules by hand and assemble waterside using toolless quick connection points.



Reduced storage requirements. Suitable for yachts and other vessels where space saving is crucial.

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