Designed in Waikato, New Zealand. The SL3 promises an exciting new era in water sports.

Manta5 Hydrofoil Bikes are sold exclusively via authorised resellers. Contact your nearest reseller for model prices and demo opportunities.

Hydrofoiler XE-1 technical support

Whether you need to master foiling techniques, seeking troubleshooting help or warranty claims, we’re here to help.

XE-1 technical support

In case of emergency call:
Europe/United Kingdom: +44 208 089 7892
United States: +1 786 605 0067
New Zealand Freephone: 0800 114 235


Non warranty and warranty repairs

If your claim does not meet the criteria outlined in our Warranty Terms and Conditions, or is outside of the warranty period, the product can still be serviced by a Manta5 authorised agent. Alternatively, please contact the dealer from whom you originally purchased.

Visual search

Manta5’s Visual Search tool below helps to identify the part name and any associated work instructions to fix. 

Support articles

Initial Assembly Hydrofoiler XE-1

How do I initially assemble the Hydrofoiler XE-1?

Initial assembly takes around 1 hour and only needs to be done once.

Watch the Initial Assembly video below which walks you through step by step.

Watch Initial Assembly Video

Instructor Training
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