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Manta5 In The News

"One of the best toys and gadgets for 2018"
“We hope to see it in the Olympics one day“
"The bike will come into its own, marking the birth of a new sport"
“Manta5 has created a thrilling world’s first”
“The hydrofoils let you cut through the water with ease”
“This one doesn’t just dawdle slowly around the pond. It skims over the surface.”

Variable electric assist

The Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 features three electric assist modes: Training (low), Cruise (medium) and Performance (high), allowing you to choose how you want to ride.

Deep water Launch

Master the technique of the "submerged launch" and relaunch from deep water. A world's first for hydrofoiling water craft.

performs in chop

The front hydrofoil combination self-levels allowing riders to punch through moderate wind chop and over swell. Reach speeds up to 13mph on flat water.

Two minute assembly

Modular design allows for in car or roof rack transport. Two minute assembly time. Carry to and from the water by hand. Launch from jetties or deep water.

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Take a deep dive into the world's first Hydrofoil Bike.