Designed in Waikato, New Zealand. The SL3 promises an exciting new era in water sports.

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SL3 Hydropack 1000 Battery

$4,295.00 inc GST

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  • Long range Hydropack 1000 Battery
  • Power: 1000 Wh
  • Chemistry: Lithium-ion
  • Voltage: 52V (Nominal)
  • Peak Discharge: 3000W
  • Housing: Dual layer marine grade housing. Clear outer layer for easy inspection. IP67 rated. Integrated Battery Management System with constant ‘pulse’ monitoring system.
  • Charger: 52V 110/240V AC input

Additional information

Hydropack 1000

Hydropack 1000: 1000 Wh

Hydropack 600

Hydropack 600 power: 600 Wh