XE-1 Neoprene Bike & Foil Bags

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Hydrofoiler XE-1 bike bag

  • Designed for ultimate user experience
  • High quality UV-resistant Neoprene bag
  • Kevlar reinforced neoprene on high usage area (rear strut)
  • Easy carry grip
  • Watertight - Minimal seam lines, zips and openings featured in design
  • Collars (red) around the handlebars stem & seat help to keep water inside avoiding leakage during in-car transportation
  • Protects body of bike and buoyancy modules from debris on the road when transporting externally (boat, trailer etc.)

Can be used to transport:

  • Body of bike

Foil Bag

  • High quality UV-resistant Neoprene foil bag
  • Secure foil storage with internal velcro straps
  • Thick internal seperation for rear and foil foil storage
  • External carry pocket for propeller and assembly tools
  • Easy carry handles and additional shoulder carry-strap

Can be used to transport:

  • Rear foil
  • Front foil
  • Propeller (propeller and nose cone)
  • Assembly tools (hex tools, spanners)