Frequently Asked Questions


What is the learning curve like?

Riding the Hydrofoiler XE-1 is much like learning to ride a bike, there is a skill to it. Most riders can balance and manoeuvre the bike within a few launches. The submerged launch requires the rider to balance and mount the bike underwater which requires a special technique to master, but with some practice and persistence, you will be cruising in no time.

The bike has been optimized for riders weighing between 70-90 kilograms. Riders outside of this recommendation can still successfully use the product, but battery life and top speed may differ.

Where can I learn to ride?

Our step-by-step instructional videos will guide you through the proper set-up process, riding techniques and effective maintenance of your Hydrofoiler. These videos will be released late 2018.

What is hydrofoiling?

Hydrofoils are like airplane wings that work underwater. Our foils are specifically designed to provide optimal lift at low speed and maximise top speed by decreasing drag and keeping you up and out of the water while riding.

Where can I ride?

The Hydrofoiler XE-1 has been designed to handle most water conditions, including: the ocean, rivers and lakes. The bike will easily cruise through choppy water making it easy to navigate through a range of conditions. Ride with caution in riskier conditions and always ride to your ability.

Do I need safety gear?

When using this product in New Zealand you are required to wear a life jacket and carry a communication device. The life jacket will assist you when floating in water. The contact device (mobile device) allows you to contact someone on shore in case of an emergency. Manta5 have designed and produced these accessories for you to purchase on our online store later this year.

You are not required to have a license to operate the bike. To ensure you use this product safely please check your local policies and regulations before riding.

What happens when I stop pedalling?

The Hydrofoiler itself is buoyant and will rest on its side when the user is not riding. To get going again, you will need to mount the bike underwater and pedal the bike forward. The bike is designed to re-launch this way, refer to our step-by-step tutorials for further instruction.

Are there different riding modes?

The Hydrofoiler XE-1 features three modes: Training (low assist), Cruise (medium assist) and Performance (high assist) enabling riders to choose how they want to ride.

Can i ride the Hydrofoiler without the electric motor and battery?

The short answer is yes, but you’ll need to be fit. Those with an average level of fitness usually last around two minutes.

The Hydrofoiler XE-1

How long does the battery last?

The XE-1 comes standard with a fully waterproof rechargeable battery. When the bike is operating at peak efficiency (calm waters with optimum weight rider) expected battery life is between 80-90 Minutes*

*Battery duration can differ between based on rider weight, water conditions and ride mode

How do I transport the bike?

The XE-1 has been designed with transportability in mind. The front and rear foils can be easily removed for transporting and storage purposes. When disassembled, the bike will fit in the boot of most medium to large size vehicles. The bike is also light enough to carry to the water’s edge.

A protective carry case will be available for purchase from our online store. This will protect your bike making transporting and storage even easier.

How much does the bike weigh?

The XE-1 weighs 22kgs including battery and motor*. This means you can easily carry it to your favourite waterway

*Are current measures. Results may vary based on Manta5’s manufacturing processes throughout 2018.

What is the bike made from?

The front and rear foils are made from strengthened carbon fibre which is set with high performance epoxies. The frame is aircraft grade TIG welded 606-T6 aluminum. The buoyancy modules are protected by vacuumed formed ASA plastic.

The product has been thoroughly tested and certified to ensure that it is reliable and safe in harsh weather conditions.

Does it come in different colours?

The XE-1 comes standard with the black and white ‘Orca’ colours. Our design team is working hard to develop the bike further. More colourways will be announced shortly.

Where is the product made?

Our business is based in New Zealand. All design and assembly of the bike is done at our warehouses in New Zealand. Some components are manufactured internationally per our requirements, then processed through our warehouses in New Zealand.

What is the Maximum Rider weight?

The Hydrofoiler has been designed for maximum efficiency with riders weighing between 70-90 Kilograms. Riders weighing 110 Kilograms have ridden the bike successfully, however, maximum speeds and battery life may differ between users.

Can I get different accessories for the product?

Our accessories line is in full swing of development. Our team recognise the importance of giving you everything you need to fully enjoy your Hydrofoiling experience. You will be able to purchase these directly at

How fast does the bike go?

They XE-1 has an average cruising speed of between 11-14 kph (6-9 knots). Depending on the rider’s ability and water conditions higher speeds are possible.

How big is the Hydrofoiler XE-1?

1380mm H x 2000mm W x 2200 L

Does riding the Hydrofoiler damage the environment?

Manta5 utilise the best technology available. Our custom-built electric motor delivers a quiet ride and cost efficiencies, similar to quality land-based e-bikes. In addition, the motor uses a biodegradable, high performance, synthetic gear oil. This cleantech means riders can explore all water terrains, including protected lakes and rivers inaccessible to petrol-powered watercraft.

Warranty and Care

What Happens if I ding my foils?

A small ding will not affect the usability of the bike. However, a large dent will impact the hydrofoils ability to redistribute water effectively. For any ding larger than the size of your hand, please contact us and we will discuss the best way to repair the damage.

What happens If I damage the bike?

Firstly, if you damage your carbon-fiber foils our team would be surprised, they are built to be tough! Manta5 have a two year comprehensive replacement warranty for all XE-1 components and frame.

Improper use of the bike may void our manufacturing warranty. If you believe there is manufacturing flaw please email us: [email protected]

How do I store my Hydrofoiler?

The protective case (purchased separately) and modular design makes it easy to store the product. To maximise your products protection, we recommend storing your XE-1 near your other bikes, in the garage, in a dry place. Just keep in mind the rear foil is two metres long.

What do I need to do after I have ridden?

We recommend washing down the bike after use, especially if used in saltwater. Ensure all moving componentry is operating smoothly and is well greased. Ensure the product is dry and remove any remaining debris before placing the bike in the protective case.

Manta5 will release step-by-step tutorial videos for complete instructions on after-use care late 2018.

What happens if my propeller isn’t spinning easily?

If you think the propeller isn’t operating well, make sure there is no obvious debris blocking moving parts. Check if there is loose sand around the gears and propeller, if so wash the parts with water. Ensure all the moving parts are well greased. Lastly, make sure the propeller bolt is not over tightened, this can dramatically restrict the components operation.

Is the bike serviceable?

Most of the bikes componentry is constructed from standard bicycle parts. Your local bike shops would be familiar with servicing these components. All other serving needs will be done at Manta5’s assembly warehouse in the Waikato.

Battery Maintenance

The batteries used to operate the Hydrofoiler need to be well looked after to ensure long lasting life. To maximise the battery life, make sure all surfaces are dry and free of loose debris.

When storing the battery for long periods of time make sure the unit is left charged at 50%. This will help protect the cells from damage and keep you riding on the water for longer periods of time.

Can I order spare parts?

Our website will have an online store where spare parts will be available for purchase. If you can’t find the part you or looking for or have any queries about specific parts please email us: [email protected]

Sales and Distribution

What is the cost of shipping?

Standard New Zealand postage rates apply to New Zealand customers.

Can I currently buy a Hydrofoiler if I don’t live in New Zealand?

Our XE-1 is the start of a new movement, redefining what is possible on water! Our pilot run of products is available to be either picked up from the Manta5 HQ, or delivered to a New Zealand address. International sales outside of New Zealand will become available mid-late 2018. If you are interested in the Hydrofoiler, and wish to reserve first rights to purchase register your interest here.

Also, keep an eye out for the latest news of our International pre-sale, where the purchase price and additional accessories will be announced.

When will international sales and distribution begin?

If you live outside of New Zealand and wish to get your hands on the Hydrofoiler XE-1 you can register you interest here. We will be processing international pre-sales late 2018 and we start shipping mid 2019.

If you are interested in becoming an international distributor for Manta5, please email us: [email protected]

Are there any payment plans available?

Manta5 offers a payment plan making it even easier to own your very own XE-1. After the initial deposit of 25% you can continue making regular payments completely interest free. Your bike will be shipped 4 weeks after your final payment.