Digital Trends

“It’s simultaneously familiar and foreign, which makes for an absolutely exhilarating ride that sticks with you long after you’re done.” Drew Prindle, Digital Trends


“Truly a new experience and a new way to be out on the water.” Justin Jaffe, CNET

Andy Magness

Andy Magness, tech writer for outdoor gear review site GearJunkie, took some time to try out the XE-1 and can see its benefits as a training tool. “I can see that as a fitness tool going out and doing intervals… cruise for a while, then do 30 seconds on level 2...


Nicolas, an avid cyclist and sailor from France, came along to try out the XE-1 for his first ride. “I’m cycling quite alot, so when I found this on the internet I found it really interesting… it’s pretty...

Chris Bridges

Chris attended our Customer Ride Day at Lake Tarawera, spending the day learning how to master his 60th surprise birthday gift. “It’s a unique experience on the water… it’s a really neat sensation for someone that likes water and [the]...