Designed in Waikato, New Zealand. The SL3 promises an exciting new era in water sports.

Manta5 Hydrofoil Bikes are sold exclusively via authorised resellers. Contact your nearest reseller for model prices and demo opportunities.

After some final touches to the Hydrofoilers™, we were on our way up to the ‘big smoke’ to showcase the Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 at Auckland’s Big Boys Toys. Many weeks of preparation had been leading up to the three day event and we were ecstatic about our first public launch.

The enormous amounts of positive feedback we received throughout the three day expo certainly validated all the hard work that has been invested so far. Being sure to ask each visitor of their thoughts, many responses confirmed that “this is a great piece of kiwi ingenuity”. One visitor even claimed the Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 is the best thing since sliced bread! Needless to say, there were a few dropped jaws and faces of confusion looking at the Hydrofoilers™. But the overall positivity and support received from visitors was very rewarding for the Manta5 team.

It’s safe to say our display was a hit! Which drew crowds of attention over the three days. Having our ‘video stars’ at the expo also caused a stir which resulted in selfies and photos with Jordy and Greg. Guy Howard-Willis (Manta5 founder) also made an appearance on our stand on Friday and Saturday which allowed us to pay tribute to the creative man himself.

Not only was BBT a great opportunity for us to connect with visitors, it also lead to the opportunity of showcasing our Hydrofoiler™ XE-1 on the Breakfast Show, The AM show and SKYTV. Big Boys’ Toys also rated us in their top three must see’s over the weekend!

Our most popular request received for add on features was a fishing rod holder. We’ll be sure to put the idea forward to our design team!
Thank you to Big Boys’ Toys for giving us the opportunity to showcase our new Hydrofoiler™ XE-1! We’re looking forward to seeing you next year already.